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Iguana partners with schools to provide art education

Iguana Art Academy partners with schools, co-ops, and groups to fill the creative-thinking aspect so essential for students to succeed. Official studies prove that students who include art courses score an average of 40 points higher on the SAT than students who do not! (Read Tim Chambers‘ article Get Your SAT Scores Up: Take an Art Course!). Read below for details how Iguana fits in with your school’s curriculum.

Iguana for Schools
Classroom watching Iguana course
Students can view Iguana lesson individually .

Seamless integration  Seamless Integration

Tighter budgets often mean the end of the arts in many schools. However, Iguana Art Academy provides a cost-effective solution that is extremely effective at producing results. Teachers love how easy it is to incorporate our systematic, step-by-step lessons into their classroom syllabi. Because Iguana lessons are all-inclusive, even non-art instructors can successfully facilitate an exciting and challenging art-related course. Scroll down to see details on how seamlessly Iguana courses become a part of your school’s regular program offering.

Seamless integration
Seamless integration

Group rate  Discount Rate

We offer a 15% group discount to schools, military groups, and homeschooling co-ops. We are honored to reach out to military families as they strive to maintain high standards of education amidst the transient military lifestyle (our courses travel with you!). We can’t say enough how thankful we are for the sacrifices many make to provide and protect the freedoms we enjoy.

To qualify for the group discount, contact us and show proof of your group and we will do all we can to help you offer a balanced curriculum to your students.

Group rate
Discount for USA military families & groups

Click to read about how easy it is run an Iguana course at your school  Easy to use by both admin and students

No experience required! Iguana courses are welcome across the board: administrators love the plug and play setup. Teachers- even those with no experience in the course topic- are surprised at how easy it is to lead a class. Students are motivated by the enjoyable lessons, fun hands-on assignments, interaction with classmates, and personal improvement. Parents love the accessibility and quality education for their children. And everyone loves the safe environment- we can set up private classrooms for your school, base, or co-op group. Contact us for details.

Anyone can easily facilitate an Iguana course! Plug & play ease :)

Easy setup  Setup and Benefits

Get started by letting us know the student age/grade level, number of students, the courses you are interested in, starting dates.

We set up classrooms for your school. You decide which students are enrolled in which course, grouped by age/grade, experience, interest. You can have the class be closed/private, or open to other students worldwide. It’s your choice.

Admin accounts: Your instructor/facilitator/admin will have their own account and access.

Student accounts: Your students will each have their own account with full access and benefits.

Group pace: Students progress as a group, as lessons are dispensed on a weekly basis.

Learn in class or at home: Administer the weekly lesson and assignment together in the classroom or individually at home.

On any device, anytime: View the lessons on any computer  or mobile device as you would any internet resource, on screen, television, or projector, available 24/7.

No teaching experience needed; everything is spelled out for you, including materials and procedure. Assignments are written out and also demonstrated step-by-step. We make our lessons straightforward so students know exactly how to do the assignments.

Personal feedback for students’ assignments! Iguana Art Academy is proud of our unique assignment review feature. Students upload their completed assignments to their private classroom gallery, then have a great time engaging with one another as they comment on one another’s work. We encourage the class facilitator/teacher to do group critiques by having group review sessions together. Schools also have the option of receiving critiques from Iguana instructors (Silver and Gold feedback options; click for more info).

Material lists are provided upon registration, and discount sources provided. Schools have the option of providing all materials or having students purchase their own (we make it very easy and affordable for parents!).

Parent-friendly: students dive right in with click-and-watch lessons. No calls from parents complaining about difficult or confusing assignments!

No excuses! We show students exactly how to do the assignment, what the expectations are, what materials to use, and how to submit your assignment for review by your classmates, school admin, and/or the course instructor.

Earn high school credit: Iguana courses qualify for high school credit. See here for details.

No additional staff needed! We do it all for you. All you need to do is provide the course option for your students.

When you view all we have to offer, and our group tuition rates, it’s easy to see how offering our courses to your students is a smart choice! Iguana courses provide a wonderful cost-effective, efficient method of improving your students’ education that integrates smoothly with your school without the burden of additional staff, salaries, quality-control, and more.

Contact us today to give your students a greater chance to excel!

Easy setup
Easy setup
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Material lists
Material lists
Students love Iguana courses
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