Coin- iguana silver 96LIguana Art Academy’s Silver courses combine the convenience of 24/7 access, great lessons, and direct critiques from your teacher! Silver courses offer everything our Bronze courses do plus the opportunity to interact with your teacher as well as your classmates in the Iguana Gallery for a critique of your assignment.

Each week you will submit your assignments to the Iguana Gallery to view your classmates’ work and for others to view yours. More importantly, you are encouraged to provide encouragement and feedback not only from your classmates, but directly from your teacher.

You’ll receive one-on-one instruction and constructive criticism from your teacher for your assignments, part of the group critiques that occur after every lesson assignment. You’ll gain much wisdom and insight as you sit in on these individualized group critiques.

As with all Iguana Art Academy courses, the Silver courses provide a steady dose of solid instruction (available 24/7), instructional how-to demonstrations, encouragement and feedback from your classmates and your teacher.

TIP: Many students will repeat a course for the benefit of refining their skills and receiving more in-depth, challenging critique from a teacher that is familiar with them.

Although all courses are available all the time in the Bronze format, and most of the time in Silver as well, every once in a while a course takes a break from the Silver and Gold formats, so be sure to check our list of courses for current Silver and Gold offerings. As they say, git’ ‘em while you can!

If you desire even more interaction from teachers, consider stepping up to our Gold format courses, which offer one-on-one live critriques.

Here’s how our Silver courses work:

  1. Watch a new lesson each consisting of a video or slide presentation featuring applicable lessons from history, instruction, principles/concepts, and a step-by-step how-to demonstration for the weekly assignment. Lessons involve visual, text, and narration to ensure comprehension and understanding for students.
  2. Practice what you’ve learned. The weekly assignment brings home the principles you’ve learned in class. The Lesson Guideline sets a clear weekly agenda.
  3. Submit your assignment into your class’s Iguana Assignment Gallery.
  4. Engage. Share and view feedback for your and your classmates’ work in the Assignment Gallery, and enjoy individual constructive critiques and guidance from your teacher.

You can find more details about these four steps by visiting here.

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