Coin-cap iguana platinum 96LIguana’s Platinum courses are the crème de la crème of online instruction. You get the full attention of the instructor, with one full hour of live feedback and critique for every weekly lesson. If you’re looking for personal guidance to take your art to the next level and then some, this is your ticket.

Platinum courses offer all the features of our BronzeSilver, and Gold courses, but offer you your personal mentor. Platinum courses have a maximum of 4 students, and no minimum. We have found that having like-minded students provides the best learning experience for you to gain the most knowledge and insight.

College Entry/Scholarship Portfolio

If you’re preparing your college entrance or scholarship portfolio, our instructors will provide in-depth guidance on your pieces to ensure your presentation is very best. You will have ample live critique time to receive critique on your work as you continue developing it week after week. In other words, unlike our other courses, the Platinum course feedback sessions are not limited to the current lesson’s assignment, but allow you to review previous assignments or ongoing pieces you’re working on.

Take Your Art to the Next Level

If your goal is to improve your skill in a particular area, then you’ll appreciate the attention you’ll receive in a Platinum course. Your instructor will invite you to ask questions in order to help you overcome hurdles in technique, theory, motivation, and more. We’ve seen students reach new heights that they heretofore couldn’t achieve.

Targeted Guidance

Platinum courses allow instructors to hone in on specific areas for you to improve, that you may not have even been aware of. Instructors are professionals and have experienced every challenge that you’re facing. They recognize what areas to focus on that will result in the greatest improvement of your skills and work.

All the Usual Features…

As with all Iguana courses, Platinum students enjoy great step-by-step instruction, assignment demonstrations, and encouraging and constructive critiques.

Here’s how our Gold courses work:

  1. Watch a new lesson each consisting of a video or slide presentation featuring applicable lessons from history, instruction, principles/concepts, and a step-by-step how-to demonstration for the weekly assignment. Lessons involve visual, text, and narration to ensure comprehension and understanding for students.
  2. Practice what you’ve learned. The weekly assignment brings home the principles you’ve learned in class. The Lesson Guideline sets a clear weekly agenda.
  3. Submit your assignment into your class Assignment Gallery.
  4. Engage. Share and view feedback for your work in the Iguana Assignment Gallery. You can pose specific questions and topics that you would like to discuss in your live mentor session (below).
  5. Meet with your instructor for weekly 1-hour live mentor sessions. He or she will review your work and offer one-on-one critique of your work in an encouraging environment that will inspire you to grow like never before.

You can find more details about these four steps by visiting here.

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