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Timothy Chambers


Tim is the founder and creative force behind Iguana Art Academy, having been given the remarkable talent of not only being a masterful painter and draftsman, but a marvelous instructor as well — a rare combination. After three years of research and development, Tim is enthusiastic about the promise and potential of Iguana Art Academy. He sees each student as a precious image bearer capable of responding beautifully to the one true Creator of all things through his or her unique giftedness as an artist.

Tim is the author of Seeing Beautiful: through the journey of life (Amazon), a wonderful book of inspirational stories, quotes, and beautiful illustrations. Tim is also featured in the NY Times bestselling Option B by bestselling authors Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant.

Tim is blessed with his best friend and wife, Kim, as they journey this life together with their three children. In addition to art, he also enjoys time with his kids, anything with dark chocolate, laughing over Calvin and Hobbes, watching Pride and Prejudice with Kim, biographies and travel stories, and following his beloved Chicago White Sox and Cubs. When not working on a portrait or teaching, you will find him painting the Blue Ridge near their Virginia home.

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WEBSITE: timothychambers.com
DRAW 01 Essentials of Drawing
CPCL 01 Color Beautiful (Intro to Color Pencils)



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