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Julie Sprinkle


Avid outdoorswoman Julie Sprinkle’s art reflects her love for the great outdoors, seeking the infinite in the infinitesimal, seen in her botanical drawings, calligraphy, tatting and other fine fiber arts.  Favorite subjects include branches supplied by her arborist husband, vegetables from their gardens, dried leaves and twigs,  and invasive, noxious weeds.  Julie is uniting several interests in a series of drawings of fishing flies in their natural habitat:  tangled in the branches of streamside vegetation.  Her work is featured in collections in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Illinois, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina and Japan.


Julie received two B.A.s (in Spanish, German and International Affairs) from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas and a Ph.D. in Medieval German Literature from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.  Julie was born in El Paso , raised all over Texas, traveled and studied throughout Europe, and has (at one time or another) spoken Spanish, German and French fluently and still reads Latin pretty well, which comes in handy with those pesky botanical names.  Julie and her husband Jeff enjoy life in Colorado, US, with Winston, their Springer Spaniel. Julie is an enthusiastic, positive, patient teacher, and we are excited to have her a part of our team here at Iguana Art Academy.

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