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Carter Farley


“Great engineers aren’t born, they are designed that way.”  :)
Though engineers have a way of looking at the world that often seems cold and calculating, that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun along the way! Iguana instructor Carter Farley has been officially engaged in engineering for more than 20 years, yet long before that many of his hobbies and pastimes have involved excursions into everyday engineering problem solving…creativity at work!

Over the course of his career, Carter has worked as a civil engineer, control systems engineer, and audio engineer. He is licensed to practice engineering in nine states (16.1% of the geographical region of the United States) and has worked on a vast variety of projects. He has done civil engineering for millions of square feet of building space, designed and built control systems for electrical transmission systems, done site layout for light rail transit stations, designed giant underground water quality ponds, and even made water flow uphill once (an inverted syphon for an irrigation canal).

Carter and his wife/high school sweetheart have home educated their three children and are thankful every day for the way this enables them to be engaged and influential in their children’s lives.

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