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IMOFA is our students’ favorite museum. Students enjoy exclusive tours every lesson of every Iguana course. IMOFA has something for everyone in its virtually limitless variety and scope of art on display to inspire and teach you. Browse a small sample of IMOFA’s collection in the galleries below.

IMOFA exists to educate, inspire, and encourage students to grow in their skills, vision, and art appreciation.  There is much to learn from studying the masters, and teachers apply the museum’s wonderful examples to their lessons.  “Even film students,” says Iguana teacher George Escobar, “learn good lighting from studying master paintings.”

Iguana Art Academy founder Timothy Chambers adds, “I thought students would bemoan the art history segment of my courses. I couldn’t have been more wrong. They eagerly anticipate the weekly visits.”

The IMOFA tours are free to all Iguana Art Academy students, open year-round, 24 hours a day. Even a night at the museum is safe, for there are no T-rex here. Enjoy!

IMOFA’s collection of drawings is an intimate look into humanity’s history. Drawings often are like looking at an artist’s heart and raw observation of the life around them. Just like in a writer’s initial drafts, we see the unpolished emotions of the heart and stirrings of the mind. Iguana students regularly enjoy these works in their weekly lesson visits to IMOFA.  VIEW

IMOFA’s exhibit of landscape and seascape paintings create quite a scene! American master painter Charles Hawthorne said it’s the artist’s job to show the world the beauty in the commonplace. The paintings in this exhibit remind us that beauty is everywhere, and we can be thankful for the gifted artists who capture it for us. Iguana students enjoy weekly tours of these masterpieces in their courses.  VIEW

The portraits in IMOFA’s collection reveal that our ancestors were just like us, save for the attire and hairstyle. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and a good portrait hints there’s more behind the eyes, making the portrait very personal and present. Iguana students enjoy these works and many more every week in their courses.   VIEW

IMOFA’s photography collection is an eclectic mix of many different styles and subjects. Anyone can take a photograph, but those who think outside the [camera] box turn everyday views into something unique and special. Color is relatively new to film; many of the most intriguing photos are in black & white. Iguana students enjoy exhibits like these weekly in Iguana courses.   VIEW

IMOFA’s collection of ancient jewelry invokes the imagination and yet shows that we’re not too far removed from our ancient ancestors. People have been fashion-conscious since Adam and Eve’s divine wardrobe. Iguana students enjoy seeing these pieces in their courses.   VIEW

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