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This is what makes Iguana Art Academy’s online program so effective, consisting of the two wheels seeing and doing. See the lesson, do the assignment, learn the principles. Like a bicycle, these two wheels work together to get you moving happily in the right direction!

OWN NEW SKILLS:  When you do what you see, then you own what you do! Because art is conceptual and visual, we practice the “you see me do, now you do” method by providing helpful demonstrations of assignments so it’s easy to follow along and practice what you’re learning for excellent retention and understanding. In other words, you own it! 


Enjoy your lesson on any device, anytime, anywhere!

2. DO IT

Every lesson provides a fun exercise to practice what you've learned, with complete step-by-step instructions


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Click a tab to learn about the 3 learning phases:

  • Students login weekly to their Student Dashboard for updates, then head over to view the current lesson.
  • Every lesson presentation in Iguana’s online courses consists of five segments:
    1. Review: a refresh of the previous lesson
    2. Art Life: a peek into the instructor’s profession, giving students a taste of various art vocations.
    3. Lesson: learn new concepts and techniques and view step-by-step demonstrations of the assignment.
    4. IMOFA: students love the weekly visits to our very own Iguana Museum of Fine Art for inspiration and examples of lesson concepts in action.
    5. Assignment: clear guidelines on how to implement what you’ve learned. Assignments are never burdensome, but clearly explained steps and expectations.
  • Lessons are released every seven days, giving you a full week to view the lesson and submit your assignment for reivew. Lessons are available 24/7 on all devices.
  • You see, then you do. Watch the lessons, do the assignment. Lessons are focused on understanding and application of the principles and concepts being taught. We’re not interested in rote memory here.
  • Receive personal feedback! Upload and submit your assignment before the next lesson in order to receive helpful, encouraging feedback from classmates.
  • View a sample lesson here.
  • Every lesson includes an assignment with clear Guidelines setting the goals, materials needed, reminders and tips from the lesson to help you easily and effectively complete the assignment.
  • Review the lesson as often as you wish as you work on your assignment. We incorporate a “book style” demonstration method to walk you step by step through the assigned exercise*. You won’t be wondering what to do. : )
  • This is the second phase of the seeing/doing method. Unlike many academic subjects, the arts flourish by the doing. Perfection is not the goal. Understanding and awareness are, and you’ll obtain both through execution of the assignments.
  • Material lists for classes are provided. Save 20-60% with prepared lists to recommended vendors (no commission for us). You’re welcome to shop wherever you like.
  • Allotted assignment time ranges from 20 minutes to an hour per lesson. Of course, you are welcome and encouraged to invest more time for a greater return.

*Our “book style” method: we make use of slide presentations rather than lean on video because students have said they like being able to view each step as an image with an explanatory caption, similar to a traditional lesson book. 

Once you complete your assignment, it’s time to upload your work to the Iguana Assignment Gallery (aka IAG) for review and feedback.  We provide guidance to help you get started.
  • Photograph or scan your assignment. Video assignments are uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. Our Help Center provides answers to any questions you have about best practices.
  • Students are encouraged edit their work to accurately represent their work for best feedback results. We help you every step of the way. You’ll be a pro editor in no time!IAG logo e
  • With a click, submit your assignment into your class’s Iguana Assignment Gallery through the link from the lesson page.
  • The submission process is quick and simple!
  • You’ve got a friend. A unique feature of Iguana Art Academy is our community setup. Going it alone is hard (and lonely!). At Iguana, you’ll enjoy the camaraderie of the studio as you engage with your peers. Talk shop, encourage, inspire one another. And it’s safe, too: classes consist of same-age peers, and are limited in size, and are private to your classroom. 
  • Share! Next to the fun of doing awesome assignments is the fun of engaging with your classmates to “talk shop“. Our IAG app allows classmates to view and comment on each other’s work. If you’ve used Facebook, you’ll find this format similar and easy to use.
  • One-click upload gets your assignment to the IAG (see “Submit” tab above).
  • Your own exhibit: Click on thumbnails to view and share feedback and encouragement with your classmates.
  • Three feedback formats options: Bronze (student feedback only), Silver, and Gold (student + instructor feedback). With Silver and Gold level coursesinstructors provide specific feedback, with tips, suggestions for improvement, and links to further reading/watching to further understand a topic for improvement. Click here to learn more about the various feedback options.
  • Safety first! The IAG (aka Iguana Assignment Gallery app) is exclusive (private) to your course classroom. This provides a safe place to engage, free from outside visitors. For example, middle schoolers will not have older visitors, and likewise, an adult class will not have younger visitors eavesdropping.


As you can see, we have a wonderfully simple, productive method for learning art.

  • Tech-free: Courses and lessons are laid out for an intuitive process. No tech know-how needed! Students simply login with their unique username/password (received upon registration) and go to their personal Dashboard to view courses, calendar, announcements, and more.
  • Start when you’re ready: Begin your course up to four months after purchase. Once you watch the first lesson, lessons are released every seven days to allow ample time to get the most out of your lesson and assignments. Lessons are released on the same day each week. E.g., if Tuesdays work best for you, then start your first lesson on Tuesday, and each subsequent lesson will be released on a Tuesday.
  • Steady results: Once you watch the first lesson, lessons are released every seven days to allow ample time to get the most out of your lesson and assignments. Steady progression is key to long-term results.
  • Student Dashboard: Once logged in, students can go to their course page. Everything they need for each week’s lesson will be right there: the video/slide lesson, assignment, and the Assignment Gallery for uploading their assignment.
  • Safe social interaction: Students can grow with their classmates as they learn together and encourage one another in the Assignment Galleries and through messaging. Outsiders are prohibited; we take security seriously. Parents can have full control over their child’s activities and access.
  • Top-notch instructors: Iguana Art Academy instructors all have professional experience in their field of expertise. They also have a heart for teaching that is encouraging, thoughtful, considerate, and motivating.
  • Great art curriculum for schools, groups: Iguana courses fit seamlessly with your school’s academic program. Our courses are so complete, that anyone can facilitate the course. To learn how our courses can help your school or group (and receive a discount!), click here.
  • Special needs students: If you are or you have a student that has special needs, please let us know how we can help provide a rewarding experience. If we can help, we will.
  • Have a question? Visit our Help Center or contact us.
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