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tim in belizeIguana Giving Back

Giving is as essential to a rich life as water is to quenching thirst. At Iguana Art Academy, our heart’s desire is to reflect the generosity that we have been shown on many levels. It is a joy and privilege to provide creative opportunities without burden or cost to students who might not otherwise be able to afford art education.  We’ve been there, and it is a hard place to be. Yet we have known first-hand the blessedness of generosity from friends, family, and even strangers.

That being said, please do not let finances be the hurdle that you feel is too big to overcome. We warmly invite you to contact us and simply ask about our student scholarships. We’ll keep things confidential and do what we can to help.

A Good Portion

We allocate a good portion of our rosters to be open to those who have not- people who are struggling to make ends meet or come from impoverished areas worldwide to enroll free of charge. We are grateful for the privilege to enjoy art, and it is an honor to share the gift and joy of creating with others.

Supplying the Needs

We also look for ways to provide materials to those who cannot afford them. We use our funds, partner with suppliers, generous sponsors, and donations from people like you. Read about how you can help pave the way for creativity in Tim’s post “IguanaBeFree…to Create!”  Whether you are to join in providing or need a little help from a friend, let us know. :)

My son, Drew, and I traveled with a mission team to Belize, Central America. Before we went, one of our goals was to raise art supply donations to take with us so that I could lead a free art camp for children of Belize. It was a wonderful time of teaching and watching these children create!

I was completely taken aback by their ability to mix color. The results were so pure and bright. I was amazed how quickly they learned. surpassing what I often see in workshops here in the States.

If you have an orphanage, missions, programs for inner-city youth or homeless, or a program in a prison or juvenile detention center and believe art can bring hopefulness and a smile, please visit our Iguana for Missions page to learn how Iguana Art Academy can make a difference.

We look forward to making the world a better place, one hope, one smile at a time.

Tim Chambers, Founder of Iguana Art Academy

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