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What is the method to mount a canvas?

There are a variety of ways canvas and linen are protected. Here are a few recommended methods with instructions:

  1. Stretching canvas on stretchers: the method used for ages. Step-by-step instructions. Downloadable instructions.
  2. Mounting on a rigid panel, such as Gator Board, hardboard (aka Masonite), aluminum, or wood (such as birch). Artist Howard Friedland’s illustrated instructions. If you use a wood product, be sure to coat the surface with a high-quality gesso before mounting.
  3. Mounting onto wood. When using un-primed wood panels as your support, it is critical to seal the wood to prevent damage to your artwork. Follow these instructions, then click the mounting tips link below or Howard Friedland’s above.  To seal your wood support, apply Golden GAC100 directly to the wood with a 2˝ paint brush, a roller, or trowel. Allow to dry completely and follow with an additional coat. Do not sand between layers. Mounting tips. Downloadable instructions.

Read and follow the instructions thoroughly, be prepared, and take your time. If done correctly, the process should be reversible, your canvas able to be removed if ever necessary.

March 2, 2016

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