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Assignment feedback tips: the fresh eye approach

Here are a few tips from artist Tim Chambers to get the most out of the feedback you receive for your assignments. Though you may not get personal feedback from Iguana instructors, you are getting the best online art courses you can find online or onsite. Using the assignment guidelines and lesson tips, you should be able to self-critique fairly well enough to ensure continued growth, not to mention “fresh-eye” feedback from friends and family. :)

  • A “fresh eye” proves very helpful. What’s a fresh eye? When you’ve been working on anything for a while, you get accustomed to what you’re looking at. Walk away from your work for 20 minutes and when you return, you’ll notice things that you missed earlier. You can get a “fresh eye” in one of three ways:
    • Step away from your work for at least twenty minutes and then return to assess your work with a fresh view.
    • Invite someone else to walk in and give you a quick response to your work, based on the questions listed below.
    • Want an interesting way to get an instant fresh look on your own? Try this: Look at your work in reverse using either a small handheld mirror. Hold the mirror in your hand beside your temple, with the mirror facing your artwork, then view your work through the mirror. The reversed image will be different than what you’ve been staring at, providing a fresh assessment. You can also hold the mirror with the edge against your forhead, mirror surface facing down, and view your work that way.
    • Don’t have a small mirror handy? No problem! Hold your work up in front of a large wall mirror.
  • Engage with other students and provide feedback to other’s works. If you provide solid, constructive, encouraging feedback to other students, you’ll receive the same for your assignments.
  • Get family and friends to provide input. Ask them these questions:
    • What is the strongest part of my work?
    • What part jumps out at you as distracting, or out of place?
    • What are the assignment goals? I.e., what did you set out to accomplish in this particular assignment? Remember, you’re not aiming for perfection, but growth in one or two specific areas in each assignment.
    • What do you think I am most excited about as you look at my piece?
  • You can also share your work to trusted friends via email or by posting your work on Facebook.
  • Avoid too much feedback. Remember, it’s wise to use discretion in who you share with. An abundance of opinions can lead to confusion. Keep it to one or two people and proceed from there.
  • Keep moving. The goal isn’t to analyze your work. It’s to do and grow. Keep moving, getting just enough feedback to move along. Think of feedback as giving yourself a bullet list of what to do next, like your agenda. Work on those things, then elicit your next round of feedback.


March 2, 2018

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