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About Iguana Art Academy


Iguana Art Academy is an exciting community of people who love learning and creating new things through our online courses (and periodic onsite ArtShops). Our top-notch instructors and our Iguana method make for a productive, fun, relaxing, engaging online learning experience! We want to help you make the world a better place. Iguana Art Academy provides a way for you to put the breaks on our fast-paced world, and rediscover the joy of creating with your heart, mind, and hands. We’ll put a smile on your face as you experience the rejuvenating recharge that creativity brings.


Wherever you are, Iguana is ready when you are, 24/7. Our online courses enhance your life, they don’t bog you down. If you have an internet connection, you can grow. At home, while traveling, at work, at school, on vacation, at Mom and Dad’s, at the coffee shop, or waiting in line…your course is ready to help you make the world a better place with your smile and joyful heart. : )


Iguana vibrant, friendly community is where you can hang and talk shop! Inspire, be inspired as you engage with your peers. An essential to any thriving art environment is the exchange of ideas. Creativity, joy, the zest for life abound when ideas flow between people. Our social network is fun, safe, and a perfect place to share the struggles and triumphs of the creative process. You can hook up with your classmates alone, or reach outside of your class to the rest of the Iguana community- your friends are here.

Iguana goes waaaaay beyond self-help videos. When you take a course at Iguana Art Academy, you receive feedback on your assignments from your classmates and peers. We’re all seeking to grow here, discovering new things. You’ll find inspiration as you learn from your peers and they learn from you. Each week students upload their assignment to the IAG (our cool Iguana Assignment Gallery app) that allows for interaction as you talk about what works (and what doesn’t), spurring one another onward. “A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold.” You’ll find nutritious feedback here at Iguana. :)

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We have courses in a variety of topics, ranging from drawing to film screenwriting, from video to engineering. Even art therapy for special needs students. And more to come in graphic design, fashion, and more, sure to build joy in your life and world. :)

Iguana Helps Schools

We take education seriously, and believe a balanced education is essential to a thriving community. Iguana is able to fill the art gap in schools and communities worldwide. As the Arts are being underfunded or abandoned altogether, Iguana Art Academy is stepping up to restore the balance of academics and the Arts, inspiring students young and older to make a difference with their minds and hearts. Students who take art learn to think spatially, outside the box. Every great invention, from electricity to iPhones, are the result of thinking creatively, of right-brain thinking. We also are helping special-needs students with our art therapy courses. We’re aiming high. Iguana fits the bill. :)  More about our school partnerships

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