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This is admittedly low budget, but offers great potential for a permanent position as school webmaster for a reliable and capable person.

Our school site (www.iguanaacademy.com) has the WPLMS theme (see http://themeforest.net/item/wplms-learning-management-system/6780226), but we need help getting things ready for public view. WPLMS is installed, but we need an experienced LMS designer/developer to complete this for us. I am looking for someone who:

a. listens well, seeks to understand what we are trying to do.
b. is experienced in WPand LMS and will get things done. We use Trello to track progress.
c. is a self-starter and manager, stays on track, completes each task
d. gives attention to detail in design and function
e. works efficiently, get the job done completely, i.e. site works from visitor to purchase to student.
f. double-checks to make sure job is complete

TASKS: Here are some of the tasks remaining:
1. Install new header design and logo
2. Finalize homepage layout
3. Install graphics (sliders, course images, etc.)
4. Set up courses and lessons. You’ll let us know what is needed, and we’ll provide the content, images, PowerPoints, etc. to install into the course descriptions and lessons.
5. Create dialog drop-down menu (if possible) for course options (Age and Feedback Levels) for customer to select from in purchasing flow. (i.e. customer selects, course, then age level for that course, then the personal feedback level available for that course before it is added to shopping cart).
6. SSL certificate added and visible on site in strategic locations
7. Set memory cache
8. Set up social network capability. WPLMS is built on BuddyPress. We want students to be able to socialize with students in their course(s) and have the option of socializing with students in their age group. Students should NOT be able to connect with students in other age groups.
9, Make sure shopping cart (WooCommerice) is functioning from start to finish, including course selection, purchase, PayPal/Credit Card, and confirmation email.
10. Set up social network links (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
11. Set up calendar for students and teachers to see holidays, lessons due, etc.
12. Set up teacher pages
13. Check menu pages to be sure they are ready.
14. Make sure menu is working for desktop and mobile users.
15. Other?

Our budget is low, I know. We have lost thousands on previous developers and themes that did not work out. We think WPLMS has everything we need to set up our online school. If you think you can do this project, please contact us. We will be thrilled to find someone reliable and capable and will continue to work with that person with better pay once we have revenue from student tuition. :)

Q: What color do you get when you mix BLUE and YELLOW? A:__________________

Thank you for your interest.
Iguana Art Academy

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Course FAQs

Do courses require a textbook?

Some courses may have a textbook, but most do not. If the instructor does make use of a textbook, you’ll find it listed in the supply list that comes with each course.

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How do students receive feedback on their assignments?

Students receive feedback from classmates through each lesson’s IAG (Iguana Assignment Gallery) or the lesson forum. Assignments that require responses to questions are handled in a discussion forum unique to each lesson and course, private to the students in that course. Instructors are not able to offer personal feedback; we encourage students to actively share feedback among classmates.

Image-based assignments are handled in the IAG, also accessible only to students in that course (level, age group). The IAG is a great way for students to view classmates work and share comments and feedback. Click IAG screenshot for a larger view.

IAG screenshot

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How do I participate in Iguana’s student forums?

If you’d like to join a conversation with other students or start a new one, our Iguana forums are the place to be. To access you can simply click on the FORUM tab on the main menu or access via your course page. Read on for a visual guide.
Accessing the forum through the main menu bar will take you to the general forum page.

In this page, you’ll see the courses, number of topics, number of posts, and latest post/reply. You can then pick which forum you want to join.
To access through your course page (for example the Color Beautiful course), just click on FORUM, at the bottom of the side menu:

 From your course page, the FORUM link will direct you to this page:

As you can see here the page is empty, so you have an option to either start new topic or proceed to the general forum page (by clicking on the Forum link above the course title)
Now, if your course has an active topic, then you will land on a page like this:

You will see a selection of topics available for that particular course. You’re welcome to join in on any of the topic conversations, start a new topic, or return to the main forum page via the links or the main menu bar at the top of the page.  :) 

We hope you enjoy the conversations, and please aim to be encouraging, respectful, and considerate of others. If you observe any unwholesome behavior, please alert our staff via the contact page. Thanks, and have fun. :)

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What about course materials or supply lists?

Every course has a supply list; on each course’s listing page, just click on “Materials” in the course info box to view. You will appreciate that supplies are kept at a minimum to keep costs down. Some lists have links to online vendors, some of whom will have your course’s supplies already organized and ready for you to order (how easy is that?!). You can print out your list and shop locally or online. :)     >Click to view courses

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Can my child earn high school credit for Iguana courses?

Yes, high school credits can be earned for courses taken here at Iguana Art Academy! Find details and additional resources on our High School Credit page.

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What is the recommended age for your courses?

Our courses are designed for Middle School, High School, and Adult. The content is intelligent, yet easy to understand.  Sample a lesson here. We have had students as young as 8 to 10 enjoy our courses, as well as collegiates and retirees. :)

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When can I watch the next lesson?

Lessons are released weekly on Mondays, and are available for students to watch 24/7 after that  whenever they choose to login.
No doubt some of you will complete your assignments early and be eager to get started on the next lesson. Patience, my dear Watson! The weekly lesson format helps keep the entire class in sync so as to make the most of feedback for assignments. Everyone in your classroom is working on the same assignment!
Students can review previous lessons anytime during the length of the course, but forthcoming lessons will be available on upcoming Mondays, one week at a time.

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Can I see a list of course lessons and dates?

Because our courses repeat on a regular basis, and sometimes overlap, it would be confusing to list the lesson dates for each on a calendar. However, you can easily view a list of all the lessons in your course from your Student Dashboard. Lessons are released every 7 days, making it easy to figure lesson dates if you know your course start date.

Click on your name at the top of any webpage > then select COURSES from the dropdown menu > select your course > select CURRICULUM to view a list of your course’s lessons. See screenshots below.




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Is there a course syllabus?

You can find the syllabus on the course description page under the tab “Curriculum”.  Start at the Courses page to select a course and read its description, view the syllabus, and more.


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Does IAA have any religious or political affiliations?

Iguana Art Academy is not affiliated with any religion or political association, nor does the school discriminate for any reason, including race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion/religious worldview, disability, gender, political view, citizen status, or artistic ability.

Some instructors may instinctively teach such that their personal worldview is evident, but in no way do any instructors at Iguana Art Academy pass judgment on any person for their personal views, and reciprocates respect for others’ worldviews. Instructors who teach from a specific worldview are noted in their course descriptions.

If ever you come across discrimination of any kind from instructor, Iguana staff, or students, please contact us immediately so we may address it promptly.

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Can I start anytime, or is there a schedule?

You can begin your course when you are ready, within four months of registering for a course. Once you start with the first lesson, lessons are dispensed (made available) every 7 days.

For example, if you purchase a course May 1st, then you have until September 1st to start your course.  And let’s say you take your first lesson on a Tuesday. Lesson 2 for your course will become available the following Tuesday, but not before. This encourages students to take their time and give their best to their assignments, and also provides time for students to photograph, edit, and upload their assignment images to their course assignment gallery.

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How do I view my course lessons?

Viewing your lessons is easy:

  1. Click on your username at the top of any webpage on Iguana Art Academy. Then click on COURSES in your name’s dropdown menu.
  2. On your courses page, click the CONTINUE COURSE button to open up the lesson page. If you’re just getting started with the course, click START COURSE button.
  3. Once you are on the lesson page, you can select the lesson you’d like to view.  You can watch your current lesson or any previous lesson. Future lessons will appear one week after you complete your current lesson.

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Assignment feedback tips: the fresh eye approach

Here are a few tips from artist Tim Chambers to get the most out of the feedback you receive for your assignments. Though you may not get personal feedback from Iguana instructors, you are getting the best online art courses you can find online or onsite. Using the assignment guidelines and lesson tips, you should be able to self-critique fairly well enough to ensure continued growth, not to mention “fresh-eye” feedback from friends and family. :)

  • A “fresh eye” proves very helpful. What’s a fresh eye? When you’ve been working on anything for a while, you get accustomed to what you’re looking at. Walk away from your work for 20 minutes and when you return, you’ll notice things that you missed earlier. You can get a “fresh eye” in one of three ways:
    • Step away from your work for at least twenty minutes and then return to assess your work with a fresh view.
    • Invite someone else to walk in and give you a quick response to your work, based on the questions listed below.
    • Want an interesting way to get an instant fresh look on your own? Try this: Look at your work in reverse using either a small handheld mirror. Hold the mirror in your hand beside your temple, with the mirror facing your artwork, then view your work through the mirror. The reversed image will be different than what you’ve been staring at, providing a fresh assessment. You can also hold the mirror with the edge against your forhead, mirror surface facing down, and view your work that way.
    • Don’t have a small mirror handy? No problem! Hold your work up in front of a large wall mirror.
  • Engage with other students and provide feedback to other’s works. If you provide solid, constructive, encouraging feedback to other students, you’ll receive the same for your assignments.
  • Get family and friends to provide input. Ask them these questions:
    • What is the strongest part of my work?
    • What part jumps out at you as distracting, or out of place?
    • What are the assignment goals? I.e., what did you set out to accomplish in this particular assignment? Remember, you’re not aiming for perfection, but growth in one or two specific areas in each assignment.
    • What do you think I am most excited about as you look at my piece?
  • You can also share your work to trusted friends via email or by posting your work on Facebook.
  • Avoid too much feedback. Remember, it’s wise to use discretion in who you share with. An abundance of opinions can lead to confusion. Keep it to one or two people and proceed from there.
  • Keep moving. The goal isn’t to analyze your work. It’s to do and grow. Keep moving, getting just enough feedback to move along. Think of feedback as giving yourself a bullet list of what to do next, like your agenda. Work on those things, then elicit your next round of feedback.


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Are the courses online or onsite?

All courses are online and available 24/7. We do offer onsite workshops (ArtShops) which you can read about here.

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